Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketplace is becoming globalized, where the competition is increasingly fierce, and new competitors are springing up constantly.  In addition, the place of business is much faster today than it was even only five years ago.  As a result, it is that much more vital to keep your finger on the pulse of the market in order to seize new opportunities and to respond effectively to emerging competitive threats.

Participants in an industry usually conduct business and go to market in the same way.  The key to success is to identify how a company can differentiate itself from the competition.  MarketRiver can help you develop a marketing strategy that supports your company’s overall objective, and that places you ahead of the competition in today’s dynamic marketplace.

We can help you to address part or all of the following aspects of your marketing efforts:

•  Industry and Computer Pricing •  Customer Loyalty Programs
•  Industry Promotion Practices •  Your Competitors
•  Your Product’s/Service’s Features •  The Cost to Enter the Market
•  Your Company’s Value Proposition •  Demographics
•  Product Distribution or Placement •  Technological Developments
•  Profit Potential •  The State of the Economy
•  Your Company’s Capabilities •  Business and Cultural Trends
•  The Marketplace for Your Product/Service •  Government Regulations and Legal Issues
•  What the Customer Wants •  External Factors (e.g., Foreign Trade)