MarketRiver can provide you with expertise in virtually the full range of e-commerce solutions.  We have working relationships with a number of e-commerce service providers in order to furnish you with the kind of e-commerce solutions and tools that exactly fit your company’s particular business objectives.

Our comprehensive approach assesses whether your online presence effectively communicates to your prospects why they should purchase from you, and why they should continue to remain your customers. This includes addressing the following questions:

  • How many visitors are you attracting to your site?
  • Why should someone purchase from you (your “value proposition”), as opposed to your competition?
  • Is your web site effective?  This encompasses:
    • Design and appearance – creating the look and feel that best suits your business
    • Content – product information, images, photos, logo
    • Promotion – how search engine (SEO) friendly is your web site?
    • Functionality –
      • For visitors to your web site – are they able to conduct business with you?
      • For your company – this can include: order and payment processing, inventory management, shipping, customer support and notification, sales and web site traffic analysis, and marketing campaign management.
    • Ease of use – How easy is it for someone to navigate your site?
  • What percentage of visitors to your site are you able to convert to buyers?
  • Are you able to communicate effectively with both prospects and customers?
  • Can you track and analyze your online sales results?
  • Are you using the right e-commerce marketing tools and approaches for your business? These can include:
    • Traffic and campaign management – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, email marketing and tracking key metrics from your campaigns to determine what is most effective
    • Social media campaigns – Facebook, Twitter, blogging and social networking
    • Business directories – find out in which search engines and directories your company is listed, and whether the information is accurate
    • Reputation management – your online business reputation; find out and assess what people are saying about your organization on the Internet.
    • Email and postal mail campaigns, in-store campaigns with retailers
    • Affiliate marketing programs, contests and give-aways, referral marketing
    • Partnerships – create the right business relationships for your company