Selling to the North American Market

The North American market has the largest disposal income of any market in the world, notwithstanding countries with a larger population, such as China and India.  While the U.S. and North America is one contiguous market, it is also a series of different regional and demographic markets.  How relevant each of these differences are will depend on your company’s products and services.

MarketRiver’s extensive experience in the field of international trade.  Our company expertise includes import-export operations, international market research, working with government export promotion agencies, and consulting with foreign companies wishing to market their products in North America.  We can therefore provide solid expertise to foreign firms wishing to introduce their products and services into the North American market.

If you’re a foreign firm looking to sell your products/services in North America, we can carry out a thorough analysis of the North American market for products and services similar to yours prior to making an effort.  Too many foreign companies waste substantial time, cost and resources attempting to introduce products to the North American market by not effectively conducting such necessary activities as:

  • Properly studying existing competition,
  • Identifying appropriate un-served market niches that your products fill,
  • Planning the direction and strategy of placing your products in those niches, and
  • Preparing support materials to assist in the marketing process.

MarketRiver can provide the following services to you:

  • Performing a thorough market research and analysis of the North American market for your current and potential goods and services.
  • Carefully planning and helping to carry out entry into the North American market.
  • Managing North American sales development efforts for your goods and services.
  • Working with you to establish a network of independent manufacturers’ agent to market your products and services nationally.
  • Finding a North American joint-venture partner for a co-marketing or co-production of goods and services.
  • Assisting you to prepare appropriate sales support materials, such as:
    • Sample and display programs
    • Trade advertising
    • Promotional literature for consumers and dealers
    • Specification and ordering materials