MarketRiver personnel can bring a wealth of marketing and business experience that spans marketing specialties, industries, and geographies around the globe.  The projects listed below highlight the broad range of skills and experience that our personnel can bring to an engagement.

The following are a representative sampling of the projects worked on by MarketRiver personnel:

Marketing Strategy  ̶  Developed a market entry strategy for the for an Italian manufacturer of podiatry products.  Analyzed and evaluated the client’s business model, including identification of product differentiators for the U.S. market and compensation of the company’s sales personnel.  Conducted market and competitive research and analysis of the U.S. market.

Marketing Communications  ̶  Developed brochures and white papers for a client’s U.S. federal line of service, which included Technology and Security Risk Services, Certification & Accreditation (C&A) and Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V).

Marketing Plan Development  ̶  Wrote marketing plan for a multi-billion dollar initiative to develop a fee-based global trade information system to collect commercial transaction data for a trading partner network of more than 1,400 companies around the world.  The plan included market research, analysis of trade data, and development of pricing structures for a suite of international trading tools that supported end-to-end import/export processes.

Alternate Sales Channel  ̶  Served as an alternate sales channel for a global supplier of leisure apparel with a line of more than 300 products.  Conducted market research, designed and developed a customized web site, performed search engine optimization marketing, managed inventory, and provided ongoing customer service support to consumers.

International Representation  ̶  Represented a U.S. firm at international trade shows and economic development conferences.  Assisted the firm in developing business relationships with a number of overseas firms.  Also evaluated the capabilities of these non-U.S. firms in order to identify tangible business opportunities.

Product Sourcing  ̶  Sourced specialized fishing equipment for sport-fishing companies in France and Italy.  Researched and matched the products to the required technical specifications, evaluated alternatives, conducted negotiations with suppliers, arranged for foreign shipment, prepared all necessary customs documentation, and handled foreign transfer payments.

Branding  ̶  Supported a global branding initiative for an international IT services corporation.  Working with the firm’s divisions around the world, the project involved strategic research, positioning development, development of a consistent and integrated manner of communicating the brand’s value, creation of marketing collateral, campaign launch and performance tracking.

Market Research & Analysis  ̶  Conducted U.S. market research and analysis for an Asian producer of industrial equipment as the first step for entry into the U.S. market. Identified specific market niches in order to conduct a phased market entry.