MarketRiver draws upon a cadre of highly qualified and experienced professionals to provide the key marketing and business development services listed below.  We can provide expertise in these and related business disciplines to help you achieve your business development objectives.  Click on the service in the Categories navigation bar at the left to see how MarketRiver can support you.

  • Marketing Strategy — Develop and execute the marketing strategy that is right for your company and your markets.
  • Market Research & Analysis — Thoroughly understand your industry and the customers you are serving.
  • Competitor Research & Analysis — Obtain a real sense of what your competitors are doing.
  • Product Management — Achieve effective management of your product from beginning to end.
  • Branding & Marketing Communications — Develop and maintain a strong, consistent message to the marketplace.
  • Merchandising — Present your products and services effectively to the marketplace.
  • Serving as an Alternate Sales Channel — We can serve as a sales channel and/or agent for manufacturers and suppliers of products from the U.S. and foreign countries.  Take advantage of another sales channel to drive revenue and reach new customers.
  • E-Commerce — Grow your on-line business and strengthen your presence on the web.
  • Assistance to firms entering and expanding in the North American Market — Target the right North American market segments.


The following are only a few of the possible ways in which we can help a company:

  • Performing market and/or competitive research and analysis for a non-U.S. firm interested in entering the U.S. market.
  • Developing a marketing strategy for a company’s new product line.
  • Creating a communications plan for a company branching out into a new market segment.
  • Writing web site content and developing sales kits for a new set of service offerings.
  • Assisting in the roll-out for an advertising and public relations campaign.