Alternate Sales Channel

You’ have a great product or service, but you may not be sure how best to sell it ― we can help.

If you are a supplier with products or services to sell, and are looking for one or more new sales channels, we can open up new ways of getting your products to new prospects.  We can help you bring your products to market through new sales channels and grow your company.

Selecting potential sales channels is one of the most difficult, and most important, business decisions you will ever make. Getting this decision right significantly increases your chances of success.

MarketRiver can bring to bear sales experience that spans a broad range of consumer and industrial goods and services for markets in the U.S. and abroad.  We will work with you to support your existing marketing strategy, or develop a marketing strategy that has been designed and customized for the products and services that you have engaged us to sell.  Our sales strategy will take into account the existing competition, your product’s value proposition and differentiators, sales potential by product category, and demographic and market trends.  We can focus on the market segments best suited for your products and services to increase your company revenues.

We offer several business arrangements between your firm and ours.  As your marketing agent, these arrangements can include:

  1. Selling under a different brand name
  2. Managing and selling your inventory under the same brand name without taking title

Once this has been established, we can determine what type of fee arrangement would be appropriate.